Building Your Second Home in Florida

Building Your Second Home in Florida

Building a second home is a decision many people begin to make as their family expands or approach retirement age. HCI understands the decision is as individual as you and as your custom home will be. As general contractors in Gainesville, we live and work in this area and can help you design and build a second home in Florida which will serve you and your family for many years to come.

Why Build a Custom Home

Florida is a well-known place for custom home building for many reasons. Our temperate weather means you won’t have to scoop snow off the front step several months out of the year. Then our state has an abundance of attractions and activities for everyone, with most available year-round.

Seasonal Home

Seasonal, or snowbird, homes are often the second home for many retirees from outside of Florida. These homes provide the comforts of everyday life, but often are custom built for the fact they're used a handful of months each year. HCI specializes in custom home building and works with you to create a seasonal home for your lifestyle.

Second Home

A second home is a wonderful addition to their life for many people. It’s a gathering space for friends and family throughout the year, whether it’s a family reunion or a just-because meeting. Others work with a Gainesville home builder like HCI to get a head start on what will eventually become their retirement home down the road.

Vacation Home

Nearly 116 million people visited Florida on vacation in 2016. It's no surprise then many people are choosing to build a second home here and have more at-home luxuries and convenience than staying in a hotel. Plus, if you go on vacation with friends and family, you'll have plenty of space for everyone while giving everyone privacy.

Advantages of Building a Custom Home

There are many advantages of building a custom home, but none are as important as the advantages you personally would receive in return.

From Crown Molding to Roofing, It’s Your Choice

Every part of a custom home comes down to your wants and needs. If you want to bring a modern look to the crown molding you loved in your grandparents house as a child, it can be added to your custom built home. Think of a custom built home as the opportunity to fit your home exactly to your lifestyle, both now and in the future. HCI, home builders in Gainesville, FL, works with you to design the home you envision and has the skills and experience to make it a reality.

New Home Construction May Be Cheaper Than Buying

Depending on what you want in a new home, it can be cheaper to oversee new home construction than buy a home already on the market. If you’re building a second home with the long-term goal of retiring in that home, making it accessible for you and loved ones as you age is likely a top consideration. Buying a current home would presumably mean budgeting for the initial purchase and subsequent upgrades and/or renovations to make it accessible later in life.

Everything Is New (And Energy Efficient)

Any Gainesville builder will tell you a major advantage of building a custom home is the fact everything is new. New appliances that should work for many years without issue. New windows which open and close easily. Along with a lack of repairs to many parts of your new home, all homes HCI builds are green built. By combining sustainable building materials and processes with energy efficient elements such as appliances and windows, you’ll quickly begin to save money on monthly utility bills while benefiting the environment around you.

Features to Consider For Your Second Home

It may be your second home, but it's still your home. Ask yourself what about your primary home could you not live without in a second home, even if it's seasonal. What about the outdoor area? A second home is a chance to have the lanai you've always wanted or lined walkway to the front door.

Choose HCI For Your Second Home

We’ve had people tell us building their second home in Florida was one of the best decision they ever made. From having their retirement home already waiting for them to a place where friends and family can gather for a little time away, it’s a decision they’d make again and again. When you work with HCI, custom home builders in Gainesville, FL, you’ll receive personal and professional attention and service from the initial design stage to the kitchen lights turned on for the first time. We believe your second home should fit your lifestyle and with HCI, we see that it does.

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