How to Choose a Builder for Your Custom New Home
How to Choose a Builder for Your Custom New Home

Choosing a Builder for Your Custom New Home

Building a new home is a collaborative effort between the homeowner and the builders. You may know already how you would like your custom home to look. But you still need the right home builders in Gainesville to manifest your ideas. Good builders will also work with you to refine your ideas, so they make the best house possible. HCI, North Central Florida’s leading home construction company, encourages you to find the most qualified and trusted builder available by using these tips.

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Questions To Ask When Selecting A Home Builder

Your new house should never be limited by the people who build it. There are custom home builders in North Central Florida who possess the knowledge, experience, and ability to create the exact home you desire, which means you should never have to settle for a less-than-desirable result. But getting the home you deserve means hiring the right builders to handle both the design and construction phases on the project. To ensure a construction company is up to the task, ask them the following questions.

Are They Licensed & Insured?

Not every state requires builders to be licensed; Florida does. While looking through custom home builders in Gainesville, for example, ask each candidate whether they have a Florida building contractor license and carry insurance to protect you financially during the building process. Any reputable construction company will have these qualifications and provide them to you upon request. If you meet a Florida builder who does not show proof of a contractor license or insurance, that is a red flag.

Another desirable quality for a builder to have is membership in the Florida Builders Association (FBA), an association that includes HCI. Aside from lending the builders credibility, being a member of the FBA specifically means that the company has signed a code of ethics, stays up-to-date on the newest building techniques and designs, follows all applicable building codes and regulations, and always demonstrates a commitment to building high-quality homes.

Does Their Expertise Match Your Vision?

Not all home builders can design a house that fits the style you want. No matter how much experience a builder has, he or she may specialize in one type of home: some focus on ranch, craftsman, and traditional style homes, while others emphasize contemporary designs. Not all builders design homes from scratch either, as some use pre-designed floor plans with customizable add-ons. To learn what is a particular builder’s specialty, look through his or her portfolio of work. Reputable builders will acknowledge their weak areas and refer to other builders projects that aren’t in their wheelhouse, whereas disreputable builders may claim to be able to build anything yet fall short on the execution. HCI is unique because we are a large construction company with a diverse team of designers and builders who specialize in a variety of home designs. As a result, if you can dream it, then HCI can build it.

Do They Have A Solid Reputation?

You want to take the personality of a builder or team into account and first check their references to see how the builders treated their other clients. Reputable builders will offer — and should be proud to show off — their customer references upon request. Keep in mind that you will be spending several months collaborating with the builder as your new home develops. If you don’t feel entirely comfortable working with the people you have hired, you may find the situation will only get worse. So before you commit to a company, read reviews or reach out to past customers to ask questions. Besides the builder’s personability and skill level, you also want to know whether he or she will be easily accessible and adhere to schedules and timelines. Especially if you are living in a temporary residence and waiting for the house to be completed, you need to know beforehand that the builders can meet the agreed deadlines for the project’s completion.

How Much Do Their Building Services Cost?

By definition, a custom house is a one-off creation with a final price tag as unique as the design and features of the home. But what you can do to figure out the relative cost of business services for various custom home builders is to gather estimates from each. The total of the estimate is telling, but even more telling is how open the contractors are with presenting costs honestly. At HCI, we feature a showroom in Gainesville, where we highlight our projects throughout North Central Florida, but we are also as open and forthcoming about price estimates for new homes. We can also suggest ways to substitute lower cost materials to achieve the look you want for less money.

Do They Use Environmentally-Friendly Materials?

This is a big deal for many homeowners, not only because eco-friendly materials have less of an impact on the planet, but also because green buildings conserve energy and lower utility costs. In Florida, where humidity and temperatures are high during most of the year, an energy-efficient home is a money saver. Not to mention green homes have impressive resale values because of the widespread demand for them. Not all builders specialize in green building, but those who do advertise the fact proudly. HCI is a leader in the use of green materials in custom homes. To learn more about our eco-friendly building practices, or to ask other questions about why we are the right builders for you, please contact us today!

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