Cargo Container Homes
Cargo Container Homes

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During their prime, cargo containers are used to efficiently transport large quantities of items around the world. When they are no longer needed for shipping, these containers are perfect for housing material. Hudd Construction Inc. can help you transform one of these containers into the house of your dreams. Here are just a few of the many advantages of this unique product and how we can help you alter your storage containers. Contact us today to transform any cargo container into a beautiful dream home!

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Gainesville Container Homes

Advantages of Building a Gainesville Container Home

It has been estimated that there are approximately 17 million cargo containers in existence and only 6 million of these are being used. The remaining containers are left to sit in landfills. These shipping containers offer an environmentally alternative because they can be refurbished to create storage container homes for people. By repurposing these containers, builders are making use of the estimated 3,500 kg of steel that has already been produced. When building a shipping container house, you will not need to provide the lumber, cement or bricks that you otherwise would have needed to supply for a traditional house.

Surprisingly, once renovated, these shipping containers make great houses. They are made from corrugated steel, which is one of the most durable metals. Therefore, these containers are able to withstand the harsh weather conditions that Florida is quite accustomed to experiencing. Further, because these Florida shipping container homes are made from metal, they are fireproof.

One of the main advantages to purchasing this type of housing is that it is much quicker to build than other alternatives. The main structure of your home is already constructed and only requires insulation and decoration. Normally, they can be transformed into container houses in a few months and cost up to 20 percent less than a home built from other materials.

Construction Process for Storage Container Homes

Once you decide that you want shipping container housing, you will need to select a cargo container. There are a variety of different sizes and shapes depending on the final design you want. You will also need to choose between new, one-trip or used containers. The more times a container was used, the more worn it may be and the higher chances there will be that it has been contaminated by harsh chemicals. However, if you select a newer cargo container it will be more expensive. Next, you will need to seek the proper permits before construction begins, but Hudd Construction Inc. can assist you with this process.

After you have chosen your cargo containers, you will get to choose the arrangement of the containers. With the assistance of our custom home design team, there is no limitation on the final product. There are many ways you can customize your cargo containers when transforming it into your dream home:

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This process is still relatively new and it can be difficult to find a contractor who has experience with prefab shipping container homes. However, our team at Hudd Construction Inc. knows how to customize these cargo containers to fit your needs and design preferences. If you are interested in container homes in Gainesville, FL, contact us today to see our showroom. In just a few months, you can have a beautiful, unique home that stands out from surrounding houses and helps the environment.

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