Custom Home Building Guide
Custom Home Building Guide

Custom Home Building

Are you tired of shopping for houses and not seeing what you're wanting? Do you dream about designing a house with your own personal touch? Hudd Construction Inc. can build the custom home you have always wanted. No matter the square footage, floor plan, or features, we will design and construct your dream home while sticking to a reasonable budget and time frame. To discuss your custom home ideas, contact us today!

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Custom-Built Homes

Gainesville Custom Home Builders

Since we were children, many of us have thought about the home that we would one day live in. Now that you have a chance to own a house, why should you settle for one designed by someone else? Instead, consult our new home builders in Gainesville to create the house that fits you down to the minor details.


There is no wrong time to schedule an appointment with our home builders in Gainesville, FL. Whether you are exploring the idea of a new home or your mind is made up, you can benefit from our experience and guidance on what should be the next steps. At the same time, having some knowledge of the process can help you to ask the right questions while meeting with us. Here are a few considerations to keep in mind.

Make A Wishlist Of Home Features

Before getting into the logistical details, such as timelines and materials, a good first step is to write out a wishlist of all of the features you want in your new house. Items on the list can range from the floor plan layout (including the number of bedrooms and bathrooms) to aesthetic elements (such as tile bathroom floors or designer kitchen cabinets). And depending on where you intend to live, you also can add exterior features to match your lifestyle: a family in Gainesville, for example, may benefit from a fenced-in yard where the children or pets can play safely; a couple in Ocala who love the outdoors may need extra storage space for their camper or ATVs; while homeowners all across North Central Florida tend to enjoy front or backyard porches for sitting or grilling outside and enjoying nature.

Figure Out Your Budget

Just about anything you can dream up our builders can incorporate into your home as long as the items are in your budget. Therefore, once you have written your wishlist, your next step is to figure out a budget. Maybe you have been saving for a home and have a certain amount of cash to spend. Or perhaps you are planning to finance the project — after all, a new home retains equity and makes a wise investment, especially when you incorporate widely popular features that give the home mass curb appeal. At the same time, if your budget is tight, we can help you narrow down the most essential features on your wishlist or suggest less expensive substitutes to bring the project in on budget. We also work with eco-friendly materials that are both affordable and sustainable.

Questions To Ask When Building A Home

After you have teamed up with our builders but before the design or construction processes begin, you will want to consider some of the logistical questions that come with building a home from scratch. The better you understand your design needs up front, the fewer decisions you will need to make later and the higher the chance our construction team will meet your expectations.

How Large Should Your House Be?

Before your custom home builders draft blueprints, they need to know the dimensions of the home. To determine your home’s perfect size, consider how many people will live there, and then add rooms and bathrooms for guests. Next, choose the style of home you want. Do you prefer a one-story ranch house or a two-story craftsman? With the details established, HCI’s expert craftsman can get to work customizing the exterior and interior spaces to fit your style.

Which Do You Enjoy Doing At Home?

Builders can take into account your favorite activities in the design of the home, from the floor plan right down to the smallest details. A spacious living room or kitchen can provide a comfortable space to host family and guests. If you work from home, an enclosed office makes a quiet workspace. While rooms designed for specific hobbies, such as music rooms or home cinemas, help you enjoy life to the fullest.

Which Utilities Do You Need?

Once you have the outline for the house, you will want to select ways to access your water and utilities. These decisions can depend on the home’s location. Whereas a house in Gainesville or Ocala would hook to a sewer system, one in Newberry or Starke might require a septic tank. Internet speeds and providers also vary by city. And considering the hot, humid climate in North Central Florida, the type of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system you choose can impact your utility costs and indoor comfort. Our builders can answer questions about how to set up utilities, including which services are available where you live.

How Should You Choose A Home Builder?

A new home is an investment of money, time, and, most of all, trust. Finding a custom home builders you can trust is vital to producing the best results. HCI demonstrates that we are trustworthy by consistently creating superior quality homes, as exhibited by our showroom in Gainesville. We also have a reputation for projects that live up to our clients’ expectations. We provide free estimates and adhere as close to them as possible during the construction phase. Our company is also a pioneer of green building and using eco-friendly materials. To schedule a consultation regarding a custom home, please contact us today.

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