Green Materials
Green Materials

Green Materials

Green building is a growing concept that involves the use of sustainable materials and processes during the planning and construction of a new property. When you are building a new home, make it green. There are many benefits to this type of construction. Its name indicates that it is environmentally friendly throughout the entire process. Further, it protects the supply of nonrenewable resources that are currently being consumed at a rapid rate.

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Benefits of Green Building

On an individual level, there are several advantages of using a green process for the building’s owners as well as the occupants inside. These designs tend to give the dwelling a longer lifespan and fewer repairs will be necessary saving the owner money. Further, this form of design allows for more customization and flexibility so you get exactly what you want. These buildings are optimal for conserving energy which is both environmentally mindful and financially smart. Green facilities are created using materials that are not detrimental to the health of occupants over time. Your construction company in Gainesville, FL can help you achieve these benefits when building your new home.

Sustainable Materials for Custom Home Building

Green materials are those that are derived from renewable resources as opposed to nonrenewable resources. Here are several sustainable resources used by custom home builders.


Clay is one of the best materials you can choose to use in construction. The minimal processing needed in order to use clay makes it preferable. It merely needs to extracted from the ground and mixed with water, straw and sand. This substance is energy efficient and will help insulate your home in the winter.

Recycled Rubber

Traditional rubber originates from rubber trees. While these trees are considered renewable, using recycled rubber is even more environmentally conscious. You can use this resource in your home without needing to cut down any more trees. This material is useful in flooring and is resistant to fading.


Bamboo is a great option for flooring. It grows quickly and abundantly making it a renewable resource. In fact, some farmers see it as an inconvenience they are trying to dispose of. Bamboo is resistant to water and bacteria which helps protect your family from diseases and spills. Compared to other wood derived flooring, bamboo is much more affordable.  


Adobe is made from clay or dirt and mixed with straw or dung until it forms a solid brick. It can be used in the construction of your house or used as insulation. It negates the need for nonrenewable resources, saves energy and is cost effective making it perfect for new home construction.

Build Your Own Sustainable Home

Environmentally friendly buildings are more and more important in this world as the population continues to increase. Not only will green buildings benefit the environment, but there are numerous advantages for owners and occupants now as well as future residents. When you want to construct the home of your dreams, consult HCI. We will customize your house to your liking, and we will help you find materials and techniques that will create a green and energy-efficient home. Choose the general contractors Gainesville, FL residents trust. Choose HCI.

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