Home Features That Are Worth The Splurge

Home Features That Are Worth The Splurge

Building your new home requires a lot of budgeting decisions on floor layouts, room designs, amenities, and more. It can be tough to know what items to save money on, or when it’s okay to dig deeper for an upgrade. Some design choices are regional. As home builders in Gainesville, FL, for example, we get different building requests than if we were in another state. Other decisions, meanwhile, can come from strictly personal design preferences. Generally speaking, though, the more specific the design tastes of a home, the harder it could be to turn a profit when selling it later. Some home features, however, are basically appealing to everyone, and it’s these that are worth the splurge.

The Kitchen

Aside from being where the culinary magic happens, the kitchen is also a common place for families and friends to gather. Pretty much any Gainesville home builder will tell you that for most features in your kitchen, splurging during the initial build will save you money compared to going cheap now and upgrading later. Also, if you’re looking for the best resale value, energy efficiency, convenience, and quality are all areas to focus on.

Kitchen Island

A large kitchen island not only gives you more counter space for food prep, but it also makes it easier for family and guests to hang out over snacks or drinks. Upgrading to granite for the island and other counters is also worth the money, and most home builders in Gainesville offer a tasteful selection of styles. But if resale is a concern, make sure the type of granite you choose will be appealing to other home buyers.


It generally costs you more to tear out and upgrade cheap cabinets than it does to install nice ones in your kitchen at the beginning. Also, spending now on premium hinges and soft-close doors will not only prevent wear-and-tear later, but since your cabinets will last longer, they’ll likewise be more appealing to future buyers.


When doing new home construction in Gainesville, some home-owners worry that paying up now for a nice fridge or stove isn’t worth the money because the technology is always changing anyways. But this thinking misses the point. Not only do energy-efficient appliances reduce your utility bills, but a high-quality fridge or freezer, for example, preserves your food better, which also saves you money.

The Bathroom

Few people will look at a luxurious bathroom and scoff. Opting for separate shower and tub units, using tile flooring and adding a nice backsplash, and putting in designer faucets are all great ways to give your bathroom lasting appeal. Electing for a tankless water heater to heat your bathroom and other house water is another splurge that will save electricity and boost resale value later. Meanwhile, having your custom home builder add a bathroom to the master bedroom or near the other bedrooms, even if you’re not using them, can boost your resale, too.

The Rest of the House


Wood flooring never seems to go out of style. Even if you prefer carpet or can’t afford wood throughout the whole house, splurging for it in a few areas like the living room and kitchen will go a long way toward increasing the prestige of your new home.


The same principle applies to lighting as flooring. If you can’t afford to splurge on extra lighting or high-end fixtures for all the rooms, spending more now to outfit important areas like the kitchen, bathroom, and office with nice lighting will pay dividends later for functionality and resale value. However, for the sake of your budget, be mindful about paying to add lights to areas that don’t really need them.


Given how much people today depend on electrical devices like computers, smartphones, or kitchen tools in the home, adding outlets to your main rooms, making sure they’re spaced out around the house, and adding a few to hard-to-reach areas is a smart investment. Likewise, modern amenities like digital thermostats, remote-controlled fans, or adjustable light switches also boost the appeal of your new home.


Besides practical and aesthetically pleasing features, splurging on some extravagant ones can also make sense, if your budget allows for it. Adding a second kitchen is a nice option if you’re family contains many chefs or you plan to rent part of the home to tenants. Hidden rooms behind walls are another splurge that can be a fun way to entertain kids or conceal valuables. Also, a pet-washing station is never a bad idea if you’ve got furry friends running around the house. Lastly, taking care of the outside also boosts your house’s potential for reselling. Adding rock accents to the front of your home, for example, will give people a strong first impression of it. Meanwhile, a backyard pool or a nice patio setting can offer lasting recreation and relaxation, particularly here in the warmer Florida climate.

Find A Custom Home Builder in Gainesville, FL

Hopefully these tips help you make decisions about which features to hold back or splurge on while building your new home. Another important decision, meanwhile, is what company you’ll hire to build it. At Hudd Construction, Inc., we specialize in many areas of home building. Most of all, though, our emphasis is on customizing the home to your tastes and building it to our high standards. If you haven’t yet chosen a Gainesville builder for your home, we’d encourage you to take a look at the custom homes we’ve designed as well as the positive reviews our customers left us once their homes were finished.

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