New Construction vs. Remodeling
New Construction vs. Remodeling

New Construction vs. Remodeling: What Should You Choose?

Although your house may have suited your needs in the past, it may no longer do so — and that’s normal. Eventually, most families either outgrow their living spaces or develop needs their current homes no longer fulfill. If this is the case for you, you have a choice between a remodeling project (which can be lengthy and expensive) or building a custom home and getting everything you want on move-in day. Though by no means a small decision, the more you investigate your options, the better the choice of hiring custom home builders in Gainesville, FL, looks. Here is everything you should consider while choosing between a renovation and a new home.

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Is It Better To Remodel Or Buy A New Home?

The answer ultimately depends on your situation. However, there are several circumstances where building a new home makes more sense than remodeling. If any of these apply to you, you will want to consult with our builders before you commit to what could be an expensive remodel.

Factor In The Floor Plan

While people look to upgrade their homes for any number of reasons, if yours are to create more (or less space) or a different floor plan configuration, your best course of action is probably to skip the remodel and instead build a new home. During a remodeling project, you are constrained by the existing layout of the house. While aesthetic updates can usually be done easy enough, if your plans call for toppling walls to expand rooms or build on extensions, that work can involve significant changes to anchor walls and electrical and plumbing systems. Such dramatic changes require a lot of time and materials (and, by extension, money) that otherwise could be better spent on a new home.

Green Building Considerations

At HCI, we incorporate eco-friendly materials and other green building techniques because homeowners today care about sustainability and being conscious of their impact on the environment. These considerations were not always taken in construction, and older homes can have a lot of inefficiencies that raise utility costs and increase the homeowners’ carbon footprint. To make an inefficient home greener often involves extensive renovations that get to the core of the home’s structure, during which time the residents are often put off until the work concludes. But a new home can be built from the ground up as a green building that is energy efficient and environmentally sustainable.

What About Existing Problems With The House?

Renovations can also be delayed by existing problems in the home. Before the work begins, you should have a contractor assess the state of the building. Any issues with the structure’s foundation or with asbestos or mold growth (which happens a lot in humid North Central Florida) have to be addressed before remodeling can begin. Considering these added costs, renovating the house may not be financially smart. Meanwhile, you do not have to worry about the problems inherent to old homes in a newly built home. Furthermore, a new home can be constructed to prevent issues that are prevalent in Florida, such as mold growth and water damage.

Think About Location & Resale Value

While deciding to renovate or build, you also should consider where you are living now. Is your current neighborhood too rural or congested? Is there crime, barking dogs, or problem neighbors? And beyond these environmental concerns, what about the property value itself? By remodeling your home, will you make the house stick out from the rest and potentially lower its resale value as a consequence? Then there are the questions of local zoning laws and whether the building codes even allow for your remodel as planned. In contrast, building a new home involves far fewer headaches. You not only get to pick where you want to live, but you can design the entire house to maximize its future resale value.

Is It Cheaper To Remodel Or Build A New House?

This may be the question on many homeowners’ minds as they ponder whether to remodel or build a custom home: which costs less? The answer depends on the extent of the renovation you’re considering and whether the current home has any problems. If your house needs major structural updates, then it is probably cheaper for you to go with a new home construction project. The same applies to an old home with unmitigated issues that would first have to be addressed (mold and water damage are prevalent in older Florida homes). You also shouldn’t let sentimental value for your current home dissuade you from seeing the true costs of extensive renovations. Besides, building a custom home is your opportunity to design a place that fits your family’s lifestyle today and provides the perfect spaces to create new memories.

Remember, you should never have to settle for a house that does not offer 100 percent of what you need. To discuss making your dream home a reality, contact HCI today!

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