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Custom Home Builders In Newberry, FL

New home building is on the rise in Newberry. Rather than buy older houses that need remodeling and updates, residents instead are taking advantage of the area’s vacant lots to build custom homes. Not all home builders in Newberry are the same, though. HCI provides top-quality houses customized to our clients’ lifestyles and preferences.

In the design phase, our team can either pull from existing projects, including houses that have caught your eye, or design from scratch based on only your ideas. So whether you prefer a fresh take on a post-1940s farmhouse or mid-century modern (both are prominent in Newberry) or a more contemporary style, we’ll design a home that fits the rural landscape but still provides living spaces personalized to you and your family.

We even build with eco-friendly materials to produce sustainable, efficient homes that withstand the area's subtropical climate while keeping down energy costs. To discuss building a new home with our team, please contact us today.

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New Home Builders in Newberry, FL
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